3 xbox's behind pfsense cannot play with each other - help

  • OK I need some help here guru's.

    I have 3 xbox's that get a DHCP address that is mapped to their MAC address so they get the same address every time.

    I have real static IP's that are mapped 1:1 to the internal IP's of the xbox's.

    The xbox's have open NAT and can use xbox live.

    However, if one xbox creates a game host then if another internal xbox tries to connect to that host it fails with a connection error.

    I need some help - is there anyone that can help me - look at config files etc and help me sort this out.

    I would appreciate some help.


  • No one prepared to help?


  • Since you have 1:1 mappings, you try to access the external public IP from the inside.
    Meaning a request comes from the LAN, goes to the WAN and should go back into the LAN.
    This is not possible. (Due to the way NAT works).
    Also 1:1 NAT does not work with NAT reflection.

    Why do you use 1:1 NAT?
    Is upnp not working for you to forward the ports dynamically?

    If you could use dynamically created normal NAT mappings, you could try to enable NAT reflection.

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