• I have 3 Lan interfaces and 4 wan interfaces, if someone could please help me with my firewall rules that would be awesome.

    WAN1    WAN2    WAN3    WAN4
      |            |          |            |
      |                pfsense              |
            |            |            |
          LAN1      LAN2        LAN3

    I have 3 lan interfaces, all 3 with separate DHCP, please look at my diagram. Lan 1 is 172.25.20.x, Lan2 is 172.25.30.x, Lan3 172.25.10.x all with masks
    My first issue i am having is i cannot access resources between the interfaces, i have added allow all rules to each lan interfaces in the firewall but i still cannot even ping units located on each interface.

    The way i would like to have everything routed is, Lan1 to Wan1, Lan2 to Wan2, Lan3 to Wan3 and Ipsec uses Wan4. I have done this by seeting the allow all rules on the lan interfaces by setting the gateway but i think that this is why i cant access between the different lans. Please help

  • lan2 rules
    Source: lan2
    Destination: lan3
    Gateway: * (default) might help

  • @Perry:

    Gateway: * (default)

    fixed my issue, THANKS!!!

    i will post screenshots when i have everything working properly in case anyone is interested

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