Outgoing FTP

  • Im having trouble restricting outgoing FTP.

    I have 2 subnets - one I would like to restrict FTP to several servers only.

    I can do this by disabling the firewall helper - but then connection works but cant go any further.

    It works with the FTP Helper enabled but then I have no control over FTP - all firewall rules concerning FTP traffic are ignored!

    Any help much appreciated…..

  • I have the same problem here and found the reason in the code
    /etc/inc/filter.inc line 907 shows

    $natrules .= "rdr on $tmp_interface proto tcp from any to any port 21 -> port {$tmp_port}\n";

    So all traffic to port 21 is redirected to the FTP helper. No chance to configure FTP for different networks.
    Not that amazing for a firewall.

    Any expert with a workaround here?

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