How long does it usually take to upgrade + lcdproc doesn't work

  • Hi!

    Right now I'm trying to upgrade 1.2.3-RC3 (Sep 11) to pfSense-1.2.3-2g-20091105-2039-nanobsd.img.gz
    Any idea how long this should take? Since the (commandline/PuTTY)upgrade has been taking about 45 minutes now and it's still going…

    MSI IM-945GSE-A (Atom mITX board)
    2GB CF card
    Mini-Box M300-LCD case
    1GB RAM

    With regards,

    Bart Grefte

    When I checked the webinterface, it showed a acknowledge alert in the top right corner, clicked it, nothing happens.
    Checked the log: php: : New alert found: Something went wrong when trying to update the fstab entry. Aborting upgrade.
    So something is going wrong, but what?

  • Upgrading took me about three minutes, which is normal in respect to earlier upgrades I did.

  • Hmm, but then what went wrong here?

    Anyway, eventually used physdiskwrite to install the newest 2GB version, pfSense-1.2.3-2g-20091105-2039-nanobsd.img.gz.
    When there's a newer one, I'll try the update again, see if it works normal then.

  • You are using a disk-image, which doesn't work! You see it by the ending .img.gz.
    Normal Update-packages end with .tgz. The snapshot-servers even have sections:

    Name Last modified Size Description
    Parent Directory -
    embedded/ 16-Sep-2009 02:00 -
    livecd_installer/ 17-Nov-2009 04:51 -
    nanobsd/ 17-Nov-2009 04:53 -
    updates/ 17-Nov-2009 04:54 -

    You see your mistake? With livecd-installers this cannot work.

  • Ehm, okay.
    At least I now know what I did wrong…
    Didn't knew that :P

    LiveCD? I just took the image from the nanobsd folder, used those to put pfsense on a CF-card with physdiskwrite.

    Offtopic: Just installed LCDProc with the packet manager. That went okay. But, not getting output on the display.
    It's a PicoLCD find in some Mini-Box cases, mine is the M300-LCD.

    Driver is set to picolcd, LCDProc is enabled, enabled some of the screens on the Screens page and I tried all available com-ports, nothing.
    Still see the standard text Mini-Box put in the controller of the display.

    edit: see this in the log:
    Nov 17 20:03:50 php: lcdproc: The chosen lcdproc driver is not a valid choice
    Nov 17 20:03:57 php: lcdproc: Stopping service: no com port selected
    Nov 17 20:04:00 php: lcdproc: The chosen lcdproc driver is not a valid choice
    Nov 17 20:04:03 php: lcdproc: Stopping service: no com port selected

  • Does anyone know why lcdproc ain't working?

  • picolcd doesn't work, never has.

  • Then why is picolcd an option in the lcdproc settings?

    Well, in January an admin posted that he/she would make it work, guess not…,13697.msg73607.html#msg73607
    Already contacted him/her through PM, no answer.

  • Ermal is not working on it.

  • Then who is?

    Ermal said he would….

  • No one is.

  • Then why did ermal said he was?
    Or does the word of an admin means completely nothing here…

  • He was at the time, the work wasn't finished because the company that was going to fund it cancelled the project. Our developers do things either because they're getting paid by someone to do it, or they have a personal interest in doing it. The former fell through in this case, and the latter wasn't applicable.

  • When I initially wrote the package I added a large part of the lcdproc drivers list to the drop down, which means that they are not all usable.

    The pyramid driver is the one I originally wrote the lcdproc package for and that one works well. I see it on my desk everyday.

    If somebody offered me money to do the rest I might consider.

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