Packet Mis-routing

  • Running DUAL WAN on an Alix board running pfSense-1.2.3-RC3-4g-nanobsd.

    I have all my rules setup so that everyone uses our Comcast connection and that is the primary wan.  On the optional interface we have our T1 lines from Time Warner.  Our servers use the T1 lines and the desktops in the office use the Comcast.  We where having some connection issues with clients to our website so I started messing around with traceroutes and noticed that any ip between …224 and ...239 gets routed out our comcast from the servers.  The clients IP was -.71.154.226 and that fell into this range that is not working.  Had to move our website over to the comcast and change the DNS just so they could see us.

    Any ideas this problem just came up when I did the upgrade to 1.2.3-rc3.

  • This is a know issue in some builds of RC3, upgrade to the latest snapshots and it should be fixed.

  • Thanks; after I posted this I saw I was still on the OCT5 snapeshoot. I'll have to take some downtime on saturday to upgrade my install.

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