How to Access Secondary Lan Through Open VPN Client Connection

  • Anyone know how I can accomplish the proper way to access a neighboring network through my vpn client conection?

    I have a PFsense box acting as VPN Server. 
    WAN 64,X.X.X /26  LAN    OpenVPN

    Neighboring Switching connection IP subnet I want to connect to is

    I can connect through from a Open VPn Client with connectivity to my Lan network. 10.10.1.X

    Now what I want is to access the (neighboring subnet)
    It is connected via a switch. The Lan port on the PFsense connects to the same switch.
    The switch is commonly connecting both the and the networks.
    Any ideas on how I can program the pfsense to talk to the remote network?


  • Is there a method of turning my Lan Port to bridge mode to become apart of my neighboring subnet?
    Then potentially VPN connect through Wan to the Bridged network on the LAN side?

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