Packet Lost / Latency

  • We are using PFSense for our VoIP network. When A is speaking to B via a IP Phone, the entire sentence might not heard. That is one or few words from the origin may not reach the destination. We have try build the firewall on different box, and same situation happened. But when we by pass the box with PFSense physically, we do not encounter this issue. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

  • That's too few info. Please provide more details about your setup eg where are the clients (LAN,WAN,OPT) that talk to each other, is NAT happening or simply routing, what voip-protocols are in use, do you run the traffficshaper, do your interfaces show collisions or in/out errors, what kind of WAN do you use,….

  • as hoba said, need more info. If you are running the traffic shaper make sure you set VOIP to the highest priority and make sure the rest is a lower priority.

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