Something like blockout traffic?

  • Hi, I'm new with pfsense, and does pfsense has some option to block lan users per IP/mac adress like in ipcop?
    So I want my users to be able to see eash other, but to allow only few of them internet acess. Is this possible, what should I check?
    I have pfsense machine running, just give me a hint  ;)

  • That's pretty easy. Just delete the default LAN to any rule or replace the source LAN-subnet with an alias "allowedclients". Then add your client IPs to this alias. You can even further restrict this by introducing portsalias or adding more rules here. Now add some static mappings to the DHCP-Server so your allowed MAC-Adresses always get an IP from your "allowedclients"-alias. pfSense doesn't need a freaking package for these standard tasks  ;)

  • You mean you have to add a package to IPCop to filter outgoing traffic from a lan?  Wow, I mean wow!

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