Problem configuration on virtual machien

  • Good Evening everybody,
    I have a server with 3 network interfaces, with VMWare ESXi.
    I have installed pfsense on a new virtual machine which I have created, I have configured this machine pluged on my provider routeur on "eth0" (eth0 it's the name I give to this for this post to explain).
    On the other RJ45 port eth1, I have pluged my computer, but I can't access to all servers, except the dHCP/dns server, this one is a virtual machine too, but I have not access to web interface of pfsense….
    Have I lost anything to configure ? or the probleme is elsewhere ?

    Excuse my poor english, I'm French  ;), Sam.

  • HI Sam.

    Verify your address network, test if you can ping all hosts, but let me see if I understand you.

    You plug in router -> WAN pfsense
    You plug in Host -> Pfsense
    You plug in ?

    You´ve said that you have 3 real NIC, but you need to create 1 VSwitch on VMware ESXi and connect both Machines, if not you can until inside subnet network, but you can see both devices.

    FIRST ping all hosts see if you got sucess.
    SECOND verify your VSwitch created on VMware ESXi, if you want or can post it a screenshot of your VSwitch on VMware. But I was thinking that problem is here.


    Heitor Lessa

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