DynDns funny on IPSEC

  • I'm trying to configure a router that uses Dynamic DNS to use IPSEC (to another staticly-connected pfSense router).  The IPSEC configuration goes fine on the dynamic end until I get to the My identifier entry.  No matter what i enter for my dynamic address identifier, it returns the error:

    "A valid Dynamic DNS address for 'My identifier' must be specified"

    The correct identifier should be cebhouse.dyndns.org.  This is using the non-embedded version of pfSense v1.2.3-rc3 built on Oct. 5, 2009 on an ALIX platform (w/microdrive).  The other end uses pfSense v1.2.3-rc1 on a PC platform.

    Any ideas?

  • Just a reminder.  Hope this gets into the "fix" list for version 1.2.3

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