Can't reach machines with different gateway.

  • Hi,
    Up until now I used PPTP to connect to the office and it worked great. Last week I set up the OpenVPN and faced one problem:
    I have a single LAN at the office, which is
    Most of the workstations use the gateway, which is pfSense(with the OpenVPN server).
    But most of the servers use the other gateway (a more stable line, that goes through an SBox firewall) and it's
    So I discovered that there's no problem accessing the workstations when connected with OpenVPN, but I can't reach the servers.
    I realize it's a routing problem, but since it's the same subnet - how would go about it?


  • Two options:
    1: Create a static route on the default gateway of your server
    2: NAT from the OpenVPN subnet to the servers subnet.

    1 is IMO the easier and more proper way.