Push certain traffic to a specific proxy server

  • Hi,

    I have pfsense 1.2.3 running and would like to push all traffic that goes to a certain website (www.xyz.com) to a proxy server. All other traffic continues to flow over my ISP as normal.

    Or, as an alternative and this is something I would prefer but suspect that its not possible… Can pfsense connect to a remote VPN server, but only traffic pointed to the xyz domain is pushed over the VPN, all other traffic is pushed via my ISP as is right now?

    Thanks in advance.

  • That's not really possible.  The best you can achieve is to use a proxy autoconfig file to tell the browser what domains to use the proxy for and which to go direct.

  • Only option I can think of is send all internet traffic through the proxy and bypass proxy for some sites.

    In Squid disable transparent proxy.
    In "Internet Explorer"(not sure if other browsers supports this) > Options > Connections > Lan settings : set proxy address x.x.x.x port 3128.
    Under "advanced" you can add addresses that will not use the proxy server.

    Hope this helps