PfSense 1.2.3 RC3 on VmWare ESXi4.0up1 doesn't do fragmentation???

  • Hi All

    I've had some odd experiences on the latest with large transfers out of the system.

    I have amongst other things, a PS3 that runs on my LAN, it uses the UPnP service so it connects very smoothly through the firewall.
    After I've moved my pfSense from a hardware box (a small VIA ITX system) to my vmware server I get an error on my network test from the PS3, it tells me that the router doesn't support fragmentation, and fails the speedtest???
    At the same time I've seen some problems in some transfers to PlayStationNetwork. I haven't noticed any problems on other systems, only on the PS3.

    The pfSense is installed on a vmware hardware 7 FreeBSD machine type (the NIC's are called em0 - em2).

    Any input on this?

  • I've changed the NIC's to flexible instead of e1000, and now it doesn't report fragmentation problems, and I don't see any errors in transfers.
    Apparently there's a difference in the handling of large packets there.

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