Traffic shaping on bridged interface possible?

  • i read the earlier posts which mentioned that traffic shaping on bridged interface wasnt possible so just wanted to check if its the same now or any improvements have been made regarding it.
    i wanted to shape inbound and outbound traffic for wireless that was bridged to lan and also till date i gave never been able to see the wanroot and landroot queues under queues, only the other queues show some activity such as the default queue or the high and low priority queues, im usin the nanobsd image on alix.

  • Works fine, I've set it up a few times.

  • can u plz post a screenshot of ur traffic shaper rules coz the problem i face when wireless is bridged to lan is that in and out interface if is elect as opt1 then traffic goes to that queue but after some time traffic stops to the wireless interface.

    the scrren shot below shows i want to shape traffic of 2 wireless clients but if i set it from wan to opt1 and opt1 to wan ten non of them will be able to surf nor any other wireless clients but if is et it to wan to lan and lan to wan then its no problem but then there is no shaping for those clients. i recommend u restart ur firewall after applying those wan to opt1 and opt1 to wan rules or atleast resetting ur state table then try surfing.

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