NAT reflection bug with 1.2.3-RC1 and RC3

  • I can get some debug for this if someone explains what I need to do.

    if nat reflection is enabled, i can get to my webserver and mail server with their FQDNs in the LAN. I like this functionality. if my WAN connection goes down, all web traffic is redirected to my web server. i'd guess other traffic gets redirected to their respective port forwarding but the web traffic is the most apparent one. ie if I surf to it redirects to my webserver. when this situation happens, i have to reboot pfsense to get everything working correctly again.

    if i disable nat reflection, this doesn't happen. WAN can go down and come back up without this strange behavior.

    opt1: dhcp cable isp
    wan: dsl pppoe isp
    lan: /24 subnet
    several port fowarding type nats  on wan and opt (web, mail and other misc servers)
    single 1:1 nat with static ip to voip box
    lan is load balancing on the two isps

    i really like nat reflection and failover is important (though the ISPs are very stable). is this a known issue or do you need further info to investigate this?

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