PF Scrubing bug

  • Has any one experienced NAT/routing issues when PF Scrubbing is disabled? 
    When I disable PF scrubbing, I cannot browse to sites I haven't visited before, firefox would just keep on waiting (status indicator spinning forever), no error message. Sites that I was using previously would browse normally.  I can ping the target site regardless of PF scrubbing on or off.

  • Is there a bug/issue you are experiencing that caused you to disable scrubbing?  Just curious why you changed the default behavior.

  • Yes, I have a IAS server running as a RADIUS server. RADIUS traffic are routed from a different subnet, and scrubbing always drop (and log) the traffic.  This is consistent with previous versions of PFsense since I've started using it (since March or so).  The workaround for it is to disable scrubbing and it has been working fine until I rebuilt my pfsense server with the latest build recently.

  • I have the same problem with Radius, although I'm not running the latest pfSense.  So yes, in general, PF scrubbing + Radius = not working is certainly a normal feature.

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