Pfsense Configuration with Bridge Mode

  • Hi,

    I am using Pfsense and configuring Lan Interface to Bridge with WAN after that i am successfully
    access it on WAN IP Address,but i want to know that my Machine behind Pfsense has Public IP Address
    then what should be Gateway IP at Machine behind Pfsense running Lan with Bridge mode.

    WAN IP Address -

    Machine Behind Pfsense –-
    Machine Gateway  ------ ?

    Please help me.

  • Dont assign an IP of your public subnet to the WAN.

    The machine behind the pfSense has as gateway the gateway of your public subnet.
    –> If is the gateway of the subnet then you have to set that on your client.

    Imagine as if the pfSense is not there.

  • If i assign as Gateway to Machine running behind Pfsense then how traffice will pass through Pfsense.
    if i donot assign Public Ip that is to my WAN interface of Pfsense then after bridging LAN interface with Wan at Pfsense
    at what IP ADdress i can access Pfsense Managment Console.

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