Wireless of choice

  • I have read countless threads about wireless chipsets. From my readings I was set to order an Atheros based mini-PCIe card and when narrowing down to a specific chipset version I found a large number of threads specifically reporting problems with Atheros based chipsets in 7.1 and, in attempts to fix those, in 7.2
    What I would like to know is if there is a vendor/chipset that "just works".
    I notice Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG is supported from the 7.2 Hardware notes, however I have also learned just because something works well under Linux doesn't mean it does under FreeBSD. It also seems the miniPCIe variants of these can be found shipped for under $10USD.
    So for those of you in the know, if you went out to buy a wireless adapter right now, what do you recommend?



  • what i did was go on the freebsd forum and see what people were using with 7.2

    i chose to use the newest atheros chipset that 7.2 supported.
    Atheros  AR5008 Wireless Mini PCI Card 802.11n

    yes, its 802.11n, which doesnt work, but the 802.11g part of it still does
    cost a bit more than the older ones, but i like getting the newer parts, and people have said it worked

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