Any benefit using two mini-pci wireless card on different channels?

  • i recently upgraded my wireless mini-pci card
    since my alix board supports two mini-pci card, it got me thinking
    should i attempt installing both wireless card, using the same ssid, but set it to different channels
    so even if one isnt doing so good, the other one should still be able to work
    one concern is that the antenna will be relatively close to each other, will that cause issues?

    does this make sense
    i know how to setup wireless network, but am pretty clueless in how to optimize it

    any advice?

  • IMO, that would be a bad idea. Even on different channels, the radios will interfere with each other. If they support it, you can set one for b/g and the other for a.

  • does pf support wds? if it does bbzidane's idea should work

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    does pf support wds? if it does bbzidane's idea should work

    Not yet. Someone was working on patches for that for 2.0 but it will probably have to wait for 2.1 or whatever is next.

  • well, bbzidane, your only other option with the 2 pci cards is to have them on operate channels and desperate ssids (home1 and home2 for example, thats what hotels do)

  • Yeah, but most hotels run commercial APs. Show me a commonly deployed AP that runs two g radios…
    I would encourage the OP to do some real world testing of his Alix with a single radio vs two radios running g on different channels.

  • most of the hotels have one radio per ap, and name it ap 1, ap 2, etc
    What commercial aps are available?

  • My point is that if you could just drop two b/g radios next to each other and easily boost performance, it would be common in commercial access points.

  • thanks for the replies
    i think for the simplicity sake, im going to leave it as is
    still having some minor issues with wireless (mac wont connect when ssid is hidden, connects fine when not hidden)
    but other than that, im quite happy with how it works right now
    was just pondering if anyone uses two mini-pci wireless cards to improve signal strength

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