Wireless card…new to this epicness

  • Hello guys. just installed my router with 2 100mbps nic's and its working awsome…never would of thought it would work this well.

    but now iam intrested in setting up a wireless newtwork aswell and i have a few questions.

    PCI D-Link DWA-547 802.11n  <---- does that work as "infastructure mode" in a pfsense router? is it hard to set up?

    my ISP is giving me 100/20 mbps.

    my hardware is an intel p4 1,6ghz cpu
    512gb pc400ram (ddr1)

  • If D-Link didn't switch the chipset without telling anyone (they do that sometimes), it should be based on the Atheros 5416 chipset. Should work, but not in 801.11n mode. Per the man page: AR5416-class devices are capable of 802.11n operation but are supported only in legacy modes (802.11a, 11b, 11g).
    It should work in any mode you want. Generally, you want to set it up in AP mode. There are a couple of howto's available here: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Category:Howto

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