Which antenna connector on mini-pci for 802.11a and which one for 802.11g

  • this is probably a dumb question
    but i have a 802.11abg card
    how do i figure which antenna connector on the mini-pci card is the 802.11a and which one is the 802.11g
    there are 2 on one side an one of the other side

    as far as i can tell, it isnt marked on the card

    help please.

  • Honestly, without knowing what card it is or anything else, how on earth do you expect any useful response?

  • sorry
    i guess assumed there was some standard for such a thing

    the chipset is atheros ar5008/ar5416

  • all of the cards i have encountered that are a/b/g/n or any combination of 2 or more, it means that those are the wifi bands they support, one at a time, but then again, i haven't had a need for a multi-band card, i would use dedicated if possible if i needed several bands

    for the antenna it looks as if the 2 grouped together are the main antenna and the one by itself is the backup, it should say MAIN or AUX by the connectors

    But since i cant see if theres any writing by the connectors from the pic, i cant say, each connection may be dedicated.

  • I can't tell which is which, but the connectors are not specific to the band. You would use the main and aux connectors for either a or g, you would just want different antennas. The third connector is for n mimo functionality. 802.1n could operate in either spectrum. If you can get the manufacturer/model# you might be able to dig up the datasheet. If you don't know who makes it, run the MAC address through a lookup.

  • also thanks for the replies
    thanks for explaining that it didnt really matter what got connected to what
    at least in my case
    i ended up connecting an antenna to all the connectors

    re the third connector, arent there some g routers that advertise mimo?

  • yes

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