Dns traffic blocked heavy load

  • I am using pfsense as a firewall for our dns servers. At the moment i am migrating all our dns servers from windows bind to linux powerdns. Uptill now everything is working fine i have two important rules in the firewall one for icmp (ping) to the dns servers. And one for the udp/tcp traffic to port 53 on the dns servers. I migrated the low traffic dns servers two weeks ago and the setup seemed to work. So i thought i would try a few of the servers with heavy traffic about 3000 queries a minute. Once i migrate one of these servers the pfsense box starts blocking traffic after about 10-15 minutes when the load gets high. Is there a burst limit set somewhere? Or anything else i should look into. I tested the same setup behind a linux firewall and everything continued to work fine. I don't really like the idea of changing the pfsense box for a linux box i would prefer to find the issue perhaps someone can help. I am willing to provide more information if nessary.

  • I bet your running out of states.

    Increase the state count in system -> advanced and also set the optimization to aggressive.

  • You also can add a short statetimeout for the firewallrules concerning the DNS traffic. You don't need 24h for them, dns requests are only short queries. Set it to 5 minutes or something smaller. You'll find these settings hding below one of the advanced buttons when you edit a firewallrule.

  • Increase the state count in system -> advanced and also set the optimization to aggressive.

    i've already done that i don't think states are the problem as the max states entry was never reached. Would it be worth trying to switch to bridge mode?

  • I think i found the culprit i switched of device polling and changed the statetimeout to 240 seconds. Since then all my tests under heavy traffic have been successful i am pleased with the results. Because i really want to stick with pfsense with this results it should be easy to convince my boss.

    thanks for your help

    regards wizard

  • Device polling is not very optimized yet and won't have the best performance. See http://wiki.pfsense.com/wikka.php?wakka=Tuning for some values that we did test out with a wrap. Other (bigger) systems of course need different values. Maybe we'll have some optimizations or some way of customizations for this mode in the next version. For now I recommend to not use device polling.

  • If you are running polling then the share of userland vs kerneland needs to be altered.

    On a really busy dns server that would mean that the split between kernel workload and userland workload needs to be about 50/50.

    I cannot recall what our defaults are but I would suggest as hoba did to not run polling unless you spend quite a bit of time "tunning" it for your workload.

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