Upgrade to 1.2.3 causeing errors in to shoot up

  • i upgraded to 1.2.3 last night and ever since my errors in for my netgear wifi card (WPN311) no other errors for this or any other interface. is this a sign that the cards going bad (have had it almost 7 months) below is the screen shot with my errors (its been up maybe 1 hr) I had to reboot as the entire Internet went dead.

    Network info:

    pf has wpn311 in ap mode bridged to LAN
    only 1 client connects to WLAN (AP Client-buffalo long range ethernet converter)
    converter has an AP connected to it which serves another ethernet converter and 2 wireless clients

  • Those errors on wireless are usually just cosmetic, they don't affect functionality. What version did you upgrade from?

  • I went from 1.2.2 -> 1.2.3-Release

    After I upgraded, the Internet went dead for all wifi clients and about 10 minutes later for everyone. I looked at the stats for wifi on a wired machine and saw all the in errors, the wired net started to get some and then it went dead, rebooted, Internet came back, errors for wired were gone but wireless had the same, it averages about 50K in errors a day on wifi interface, after which i have it reboot via cron that way I dont have to be at the location and in case it is causing problems the reboot will reset it.

    Before the upgrade I kept getting update cannot continue, this was with it downloading the updates through auto updater, i then pushed the update to it by pointing it to another mirror via ssh shell (NCSA site) and it went through and then the in errors started.

  • well, i have to reset to get wifi working, its an ath chip, the wifi is seeing more errors, nothing that is on that inf will work unless a reboot is done, does this mean the card is going bad?

  • sigh, search the forum - sounds like you are having the same issue i was.  my tplink ath unit works fine -until it doesn't and i have to reboot to "fix" it.  it's been okay for a couple of weeks now, though.

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