Howto: Block static IP?

  • Hi,

    I'm new in pfsense. And I'd like to know how to make rules to firewall for blocking lan IP addresses, like example
    What I mean is that, when someone choose to his computer static IP like then he/she can't use worldwide internet over that IP.

    Thank you!

  • Just create a block rule for this IP above your allow rule.

  • I made a picture of my rule. I think there is something wrong - it won't work. :(

  • Yes this wont work because the block rule has to be above the allow rule.
    Also if you want to block a single IP you need to have as subnet /32.
    With /24 you block the whole subnet.

  • Ahhh yes! Thank You! That was the problem. It must be before allow rule! And I put subnet mask 31 because there isn't choice 32. It's working!

  • Ah yes there is only /31 available.
    But this is only if you select in the drop-down "network".
    You can select "Single host or alias".
    With that you can specify a single IP.

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