Vmware + vlans (untaged vlan error)

  • Hi there,

    I am running pfsense 1.2.3 on a vmware 4.0 VM everything is working great. I have 7 VLANS (10-16) plus the native vlan 1 (untaged)

    When I try to add a interface without any vlan tag to be able to access my native vlan pfsense hangs and I lost connection to my LAN interface (vlan10) I've setup vmware with a dedicated vswitch and physical interface configured to vlan all (4095)

    Only VLANS

    New Interface (Untaged)

    Is there a way to fix this without having to add another virtual interface to the VM?

    Thanks in advance! ???


  • If you connect via SSH or open the VM console before you try to add OPT6, and leave it at the "pfSense console setup" menu screen, do you see any messages flash up below the "enter an option" text when adding OPT6?

  • From my experience it's better to configure the VLAN tags in the hypervisor rather than on the guestVM interface.

  • I'm using a similar setup in testing (just started testing pfSense about a week ago in a VM on ESXi 4). Started with 1.2.3 but I'm testing 2.0 Beta now. VLAN 4095 when marked on a virtual network interface in VMware indicates "pass through all VLANs into the virtual machine" so the VM handles the VLANs. Since you can only add four "physical" virtual NICs to one machine if you define each VLAN as a separate network adapter in ESXi, if you want more than four interfaces on your VM you need to passthrough most of your interfaces this way, per the example in the original post.

    The only hitch I ran into is that I'm using ProCurve switches and I have ALL VLANs set to Tagged (no untagged VLAN 1) on my VMware hosts. When I pass these through, pfSense refuses to pass traffic on VLAN 1 if I define VLAN 1 and assign it to an interface. However, the other VLANs work fine. I added a VMware-level secondary NIC to my VM that is assigned to VLAN 1 so pfSense sees the VLAN 1 network as "physical" and the rest as VLANs, and that seems to work around the issue. This is in 2.0 Beta from Jan. 8th, I don't recall figuring that out in 1.2.3 so I haven't tested there.

    However, while I can get to the WAN from multiple VLANs (and the "physical" VLAN 1 interface) behind pfSense, I can't seem to get the routing to work between interfaces (so VLAN 10 can access a webserver on VLAN 1 for example, both being internal networks). I suspect this is something I'm not fully understanding about the configuration though, and not a software issue, since WAN access works.

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