Multiple REMOTE and how to return to first in list when it is online again?

  • Hi,

    I have pfSense box that is OpenVPN client and connects to the other pfSense box (server), and server uses two ISPs. This is site-to-site connection.
    The problem is that when first ISP fails OpenVPN client goes to the second (backup line), but never returns to the first (first is the main high speed line)…

    How can I make OpenVPN client to check if first REMOTE is available and switch connection to it? If this is not possible can I use some script to reset connection when first ISP is available (example please)?

    My OpenVPN client configuration:

    Protocol: TCP
    Server port: 10101
    Server address:
    Interface IP
    Remote network:
    Shared key: XXX
    Custom options: remote 10101

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