BUFFALO WHR-HP-G54, pfsense and opt1wifi setup

  • Hello and good evening. I am trying to setup a BUFFALO WHR-HP-G54 with pfsense as a wireless opt1wifi access point.
    I currently have 3 10/100 nic cards in the machine with the bufallo going on an fxp intel pro 10/100 card. My current setup is working wonderfully but I can not figure out how to configure the buffalo for wireless access. I read the documentation and watched the wiki on setting up opt1wifi with pfsense but I am having some problems and I am probably misunderstanding the networking.

    I have switched the buffalo to bridge mode, connected it to the 3rd fxp nic but when my windows 7 machine connects to it, I am only getting a APIPA address (169...*). I have created generic rules for the wifi to allow all traffic (just for testing) but with no results. I have tried connecting the buffalo to the pfsense box and to one of the 2 lan switches (netgear) with the same results (other than I am able to configure and access the buffalo via IP when on the lan switch and not pfsense).

    My physical setup is the following:
    Dynamic DNS IP (using client software to update IP)
    1 5 port 2wire Gateway/Router in bridge mode to WAN using PPOE (in pfSense)
    1 PIII 700mhz CPU
    256mb Ram
    1 10gb IDE
    1 5 port 2wire Gateway/Router in bridge mode to WAN using PPOE (in pfSense)
    1 NIC (xl0) [WAN]
    1 Onboard NIC (dc0) [LAN]
    1 Intel Pro 10/100 (fxp0) [opt1wifi]
    1 Netgear 8 port unmanaged switch with uplink
    1 linksys 4 port unmanaged switch connected to netgear via uplink
    1 Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 router/ap

    2wire - > pfSense dc0 [lan]
    2wire - > netgear switch

    pfSense - > linksys switch [dc0]

    As I have said, the lan works perfectly (using dhcp) but I can not figure out the buffalo for opt1wifi in AP mode.

    Can someone please help me with configurations for pfsense and the buffalo. As far as putting the buffallo in AP mode, I simply changed the IP and gave it the gateway address of the pfsense box.

    Thank you very much and happy holidays!


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