• Hello:
    I am running a fresh install of pfSense 1.2.3-RELEASE  on a new Rockbochs P100. It is a single WAN setup, with a DMZ and LAN. Everything is fine, except that when I enable the traffic shaper and finish the wizard, I am no longer able to view the Status:Queues page in under 10 minutes, and when it does finally display the page the values do not update. If I disable the traffic shaper or delete the wizard, I can get to the page again (it of course indicates that traffic shaping is currently disabled). Re-enabling the traffic shaper prevents the Status:Queues page from fully loading again.

    The only package I have installed is Snort pkg v. 1.6. Uninstalling Snort has no effect on this issue. This issue happens on both Firefox 3.5.6, IE 8 in and out of Compatibility mode, and  in Opera 10.10.

    Has anyone seen this before? I'd love to be able to verify that the Packet8 phones are being handled in the queue properly.


  • I'm running 1.2.3 Release with shaping and do not see this, sorry :(

  • Thanks for checking. I actually got things to start updating after I forcing myself to be patient. It does take over 5-10 minutes to display values. It looks like my qVOIPup is not getting any traffic (it's all going into the ACK), but that's another problem.

    Thanks again,

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