How can i ban someone from access via mac address ?

  • I have a list of all DHCP client leases and one of them i dont know who it is. apparently they are plugging in and using the system.

    I have their mac and ip address and would like to block them. how can i achieve this?

  • My guess would be assign them a static IP say: then create and alias using host and call it BAN (or something). this way if you see another unwanted you would just have to edit the BAN alias by adding another ip and have to contend with multiple block rules.

    then on your LAN rules at the TOP insert a rule to block all traffic. the rule should look like * BAN * * * *

    gl  8)

  • fine. but where do u create this "Alias" you're talking about?

    still sort of new to pfsense

    i am also considering start the captive portal but i fear it may interfere with squid caching …

  • Firewall -> Alias

    Also, under Services -> DHCP Server is where you'll want to create the static mapping.

  • The way you describe it, it sounds like you know every client which has access over the pfSense.
    You could also enable the Captive Portal, put all known MAC addresses on the passthrough list, and all unknown MACs will be displayed the CP.

    Or even more clamped down:
    Create for each client you know a static mapping on the DHCP server page, and then enable static ARP.
    Meaning only the MACs you specified on this page will be able to talk with the pfSense.
    Other MACs wont even get an answer to a DHCP-request.

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