[Solved] Connections across VPN getting NATed

  • Here is my setup:

    VPN Server                                       VPN Client
    tun0 (<–-------------> tun0(

    LAN (                        LAN(

    OpenVPN client and server are connected and share subnet for their link. All static routes are in place and all connections work fine but if a client,, pings another client,, sees the connection coming from It looks like VPN connections are getting NATed in both directions.

    Is there a way to avoid this? Normally this would all be fine, but I have a NEC VoIP phone I need to connect on to connect to our PBX on and it is VERY pissy about NATing.

    Any advice would be wonderful. If any more information is needed, let me know.


  • Did you assign the tun interface as OPT?
    Did you create any AoN rules?

  • I assigned both tun interfaces as opt, and made an any/any/all rule for both of them.

    I tried with both automatic outbound NAT and manual with no rules. Both seemed to have the same result.

  • When you set up the AON rule for the tunnel, did you specify "no NAT"?

  • Thanks folks, I got it. I feel silly for not figuring that out. Can't wait till my pfSense book gets here, hopefully that will cut down on the forum posts :)

    Thanks again.

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