• How can one customize the apperence of the webgui, lets say the logo ?
    Not meaning the Theme


  • Ok, here's a quick howto:

    1. Enable SSH in the webgui at System>Advanced
    2. Download WinSCP from http://www.winscp.net
    3. Connect with WinSCP to you pfSense (SSH has to be allowed, try from Lanside with default allow to any rule; user is "root", password is your webgui password)
    4. Browse to "/usr/local/www/themes" - Here you find the different themes and their files. Every folder not starting with "_" will be listed at System>Advanced as theme
    5. choose the theme you like and download the graphics you want to change
    6. edit it
    7. upload it to the same folder with original name

    This works for non-CD- and non-embedded-version. CD-version isn't modifyable for obvious reason, embedded version has to be mounted read/write before changing something and set back to readonly after you're done.

    Keep in mind that updates might overwrite your modifications unless you create a new theme-folder that isn't included in the updates, so it is wise to save your modifications somewhere else in case you need to restore them.

    Have fun  :)

    …and if you come up with something nice looking consider sending it in so we can make it downloadable at pfSense.com  ;D

  • Thanx for the advices, i]ll try to change a bit the theme and if it looks nice i'll send it to the team :D

    10x, Cya