OPENVPN on PFSENSE Help….newbie

  • im trying to deploy an OpenVPN system using PFSense.. But i need some help..some documentations are very confusing..maybe someone in this forum can help me..

    I have two networks (of course in two different lcoations):


    LAN: x.x.1.1 /24
    WAN: y.y.20.12 GATEWAY: y.y.20.10

    LAN IP - x.x.1.3 to x.x.1.10 /24


    LAN: a.a.0.1 /24
    WAN: b.b.177.35 GATEWAY: b.b.177.30

    LAN IP: a.a.0.3-a.a.0.10

    Im having troubles regarding the issuing of certificates..

    thanks for the help.;./

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    For certificates, you can follow these instructions for creating a full set:

    As for OpenVPN documentation, there is this page:

    but to be honest it's covered in a much clearer fashion in the book (see the link in my sig).

  • I will second that it is covered quite extensively in the book. He's not only saying it because he helped write it  ;). I have not actually set up any openVPN on pfSense but after reading through those chapters I feel prepared to do it.

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