Captive portal not working with https enabled

  • I have no issues if i do use http.

    but as soon as i use https it no longer works.

    I copied the cert and key from the pfsence webgui generated one.

    when i telnet to ip:8001 i get the generic response … not the detailed one that i get if i telnet to 8000 with http enabled.

    Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

    I don't have any linux boxes that i can install openssl on.

  • anyone?

  • whats the error presented to the browser?

    I once had a box that would generate invalid certs in one part of the gui, for example, so try another part of the gui that geterates certs and copy that one.

  • forgot to mention, if you are trying to access any other port besides 443/80/81/8080 (the standard http ports) it will NOT work. you mentioned telnet, if you try to access email through outlook on a network that has a cp outlook wont work you have to open a browser first and then go through the cp stuff before getting on the net.

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