Virtual DMZ

  • this is a noob question for pfsense, but is there any way to have a virtual DMZ?

    situation:  I have my pfsense box on a college network and want to be able to access the schools lan (windows shares, lan gaming, etc) from behind the pfsense box.  I have been informed that the school's network management software freaks out over bridged connections.  However, the school is running a brand new Windows Domain.  Up until this point the only way I have to connect to such services as listed above is to bypass my pfsense box and go directly into the school network.

    desired solution:  I can see 2 solutions to this problem. either set up a DMZ (I would prefer a virtual in this case) or set up some form of forwarding from the school's lan to my lan.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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