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  • Hallo,

    is there some tutorial or post about connecting to a VPN service like
    I try to use the pfsense router (running on asus eeepc 701) as a client to that service so all clients in the LAN have IPs from CH…

    Any help/links appreciated!


  • There is no tutorial.
    As far as i see it, it should work, but "might" not be trivial to get it going like you want it.

    If you want to use PPTP you would have to set the WAN up to use PPTP. Not sure if you really want this (redirect everything leaving the pfSense to the VPN).

    If you want to use OpenVPN you would have to update the OpenVPN running on the pfSense.
    Per default only 2.0.6 is installed, but they require that you have a 2.1.x version.

    I dont know what version 2.0 is using.
    Might be worth to check out.

    If you have the time i would invest it into getting it working with openVPN.
    PPTP is IMO just outdated.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Re: PPTP, the PPTP WAN type is not for a PPTP VPN, but for certain special ISPs which require PPTP much the way that some require PPPoE.

  • D'oh.
    Well i never use PPTP…

    Another option would be to have a connection from each client to swissvpn...
    But if that is practical  ::)

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