Looking for a pci card with detachable antenna for pfsense any ideas

  • I have 1.2.3 pfsense on my late dads dell dimension 3000. i had a linksys wap54g access point. It worked for a while but now it recently does not. As to why I wont go in to that.
    The point is i need to replace the wap for a pci card with detachable antennae to be an AP & I have a long antennae i want to use.The signal needs to go up to two floors .I am thinking a TP-LINK like this one here

    I can/want to spend under $50. Before I buy anything I would like some input as to what would be suitable for my needs and I would love to know soon to avoid having a major issue with my family.Any thoughts on this matter? ;D

  • You also have an option to try a mini-pci card attached to a pci adapter.  WLM54G-HP is a good card and you can find the pci adapters on eBay for cheap.

  • I've used the same card for over 18 months with good results. I've been using pfSense 1.2.3 release for the last few weeks. Others who have written in these forums have found the performance of the Atheros chipset (used in the TP-Link TL WN651G card) not very satisfactory with the pfSense 1.2.3 Release software.

  • Well, I can tell you what not to buy: an EnGenius EPI-3601S

    It installed painlessly, and the transmit power is excellent, but the sensitivity is so poor that I can't connect to the thing when I'm standing right next to it.

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