Dual wan employee wan1 visitors wan2

  • Is it possible to have 2 wan no load balancing with a captive portal that would direct employees to wan1 and visitors to wan2 ??

    Thank You

  • Not with the Captive portal.

    But it should be possible with correct configuration of the DHCP-server and corresponding firewall rules.

  • Could you please elaborate further on how to?  Example configuration.  Thank you.

  • I too would be interested in how this would work.

  • You create an alias containing all the IPs of your "internal" users.
    Then create an alias containing the IP-range of your "external" users.

    Set the DHCP to assign unknown users an IP out of the "external users" range.
    All your internal users are configured on the DHCP server to always get the same IP.

    When creating a firewall rule you can define to which gateway you want to send traffic.
    Now create two rules.
    One for the internal users and one for the external users.

    Of course if an external user assigns manually an IP out of the "internal users" range he can use the other WAN.
    But from the way you describe it (since you allow guests on the same network than employees) security isn't that much of a concern for you.

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