Pfsense and Xen(newest) anything I should know

  • I have pfsense(latest) on Xen(latest) it seems okay. Is there anything that I should know before I start using?

    I know its a generic question but sometimes there are issues with certain builds on Xen. Also can anyone tell me how to install Xen Tools.
    Thank you.

  • XEN latest meaning 3.4.2 or 3.3.2? I have it on XEN 3.3.2. I haven't faced any issues yet, maybe that some network configs does take a bit of time for it to kick in. So may have to be patient on those situation. I have 3 nics (1 onboard, 1 PCI-E and 1 PCI) AMD 5600+ 2GB RAM and 2 x 80GB HDD raid 1 LVM. The dom0 is Debian Lenny. The domUs are pfSense and Ubuntu 9.10 64bit for remote desktop with X2GO. There isn't enough RAM so may have to add more RAM to have more domU running. But due to motherboard restrictions I couldn't run Trixbox in there because I needed to forward a PCI telephony card. I need a better motherboard. Don't need XEN tools as everything can be manually done. Since you built it like that try doing it manually have much more control. Otherwise if you dont need PCI pass thru use XEN Server 5.5. Also do CPU pinning which you can assign a specific core to a domU, this helps when there is loading and the domUs will run smoother. Unless you are comfortable or not in a critical environment try diffrent scheduling which should make domUs more responsive during heavy load, but I haven't tried it. I didn't use 3.4.2 is because of the kernel which could not deteect my motherboards stuff so I stuck with 3.3.2. Anyways all have been chugging along with no downtime and internet access was great!

  • Thank you. I really appreciate the info.

  • Its worth buying the book "The Book of XEN". Good read and has a good explanation of how things works. It is basically based on Red Hat but the idealogy in it is very good and easy to understand more of config files and stuff. Anyway just buy it.

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