Virtualbox + pfSense + DMZ

  • Hi there. I'm trying to setup a virtual network using pfSense 1.2.3 on Sun Virtualbox 3.1.2.
    Though I'm having problems to get the firewall rules to work… (first time that I'm using pfSense.)

    This is the following setup that I want:

    (WAN)----------pfSense-------- LAN----Client with Ubuntu 9.10
                          DMZ------------------Web-server & FTP in Ubuntu 9.10

    I've gotten pfSense to work so I can access the webbGUI from the client. Also I can successfully ping external webbpages from the WebGUI.

    Any advice how I should apply the firewall rules for this setup?

    • How should the rules look like so the clients can use their webbrowsers and so that the client has to go through the firewall to access the FTP and Web-server in the DMZ?

    • How should the firewall rules look to get DMZ to work safely and correctly?

    Edit: Rewrote the whole post...

  • I have my box virtualized with ESX, with 6 interfaces .. so there should not be any issues with a virtual environment.

  • I have been running one in Xen Server for 3 months now with no issue.

    Just make sure to reset the states when you make firewall changes.

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