Update imspector {$ 20}

  • Update and possible to create a tool for cleaning the reports.
    If more people can help with the bounty I will be grateful.
    I know that the value is small but is the most I can make at this time.

  • I have a solution for your need to clean the archives…

    In order to delete the archives all you have to do is run a daily cron job with the following statement:

    find /var/imspector/* -mtime +5 -exec rm {} \;

    This will delete every file from the imspector older than 5 days. You can offcourse set the +5 to any number of days you would like to preserve history.

  • or you can grab the update your self and install it yourself through the shell, not sure about simlinks and the integration, but I had this group problem when testing  smoothwall until smoothwall offered an upgrade to the program.. for free non-the-less.

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