To all Package developers Thank you

  • What happen to the pfsense package development? why do it seems like a lot

    of the packages just stalled and aren't being developed anymore, they started out great with a lot of

    promise then just stop what happen? pfsense is 2 good of a product, so I am asking the package

    developers please can you continue to enhance the packages for pfsense, I know i am speaking for a lot

    of users we really do appreciate all the time effort and support that you have give to the packages

    So we are saying Thanks to you all for such great work

    I have to give a special thanks to jamesdean for all his time and effort
    that he has put into snort

    And a very special Thanks to the Pfsense Development Team For Giving us such  a great product like

    Thank you All

    Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you :)

  • HUGE thanks to all the packages developers out there.  I couldn't believe how simple it was to add functionality to pfSense my first time.

    As far as the previous guy's comments - life happens.  We normally get what we pay for, but in the case of pfSense we're getting WAY more than we paid for, and we've got no basis on which to say "hey package developers - get back to work!"  If they're able, they're able.  If they're not, then they're not - that's that.

    pfSense rocks, and the packages available for it are awesome.  Period.

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