Firewall Reload Problem Bridge

  • Hi,

    i am using pfsense in bridge mode with a few simple rule for icmp and ftp. Everytime i reboot the box the interface naming seems to change a rule which worked before the reboot stops working and is blocked.

    Fw log before the reboot

    Sep 26 17:47:04 	pf: 6\. 811790 rule 47/0(match): pass in on bge0: 213.160.x.2 > 213.160.x.67: ICMP echo request, id 256, seq 49154, length 40

    Fw log after the reboot

    Sep 26 17:50:41 	pf: 000037 rule 55/0(match): block out on bridge0: 213.160.x.2 > 213.160.x.67: ICMP echo request, id 256, seq 50178, length 40

    If i mark a firewall rule for editing change nothing and save everything goes back to normal. I upgraded to 1.0-SNAPSHOT-09-21-06 today to try and solve this problem but it didn't help. Does anyone have an idea where the problem lies.

  • Please run this command in both cases and show the results:

    cat /tmp/rules.debug | grep bridge

  • sorry i didn't get round to answer yesterday. I changed the setup after having these annoying problems with the bridge i was in a hurry had a customer waiting for the firewall. When i have some time i will do some testing with the bridge setup and post my results.

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