Unknown settings

  • I have the following under OpenVPN Client and server:

    Disabled Protocol Address pool Description

    what gives? Ic cant delete or edit this, does not show up in the xml backup eitherbut i found this:


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    That happens every once in a while and nobody has been able to figure out how/why, mainly because it is difficult to reproduce.

    You can use viconfig from the console to remove those lines, or backup the config, edit it out, and restore.

    It's harmless, just annoying.

  • so by deleting:

    it removes the blank vpn entries? will do.


    I have been having problems doing a site to site (you were helping me- posting update today), glad to know its not this, got the book and just finished reading it and will be retrying the site-site.

    it popped up when i was messing with openvpn heres what i did (might be reproducible) shortly before noticing it.

    I set each site up as server/client then reversed them as that was how they should have been to begin with.

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    Actually you just need to delete the <config>line, the others are fine, but if there are no other settings inside of the <openvpnserver>tags then it is safe to remove them.</openvpnserver></config>

  • same situation here but i have client stuck, i tried to use viconfig to remove the <config>line from the config.xml but when saving the file it is marked as read only.  How do i get around this?  I really don't want to backup and restore.</config>

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    Before you edit, run:


    And then after, run:


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