1 pfsense different vpn ports and local nets

  • Hi all

    I hope someone here can help me out, with this problem, i am trying to figure it out, and something is working, some is not, now to the questions.

    Q1) Vpn Connection 1. I can connect to the pfsense at port 1194 as i should be and no problem i get the desired ip for the client in this case and i can ping my windows server locally and browse the server at ip, but now the question why can't i ping clients ? like ip it is not firewalled and all that, i can't ping a printer either, the local network the client get is i can't ping a switch either, any there can figure this one out ?

    Q2) Vpn connection 2. i can connect to the pfsense at port 1294 as i should be and no problem i get the desired ip for the client in this case, but can't set this up to like network and ping a client on that network why is that ? should the vpn connection just let me thru to the network get me to the network the firewall is on, or is it only possible to connect to the pfsense with one availble network, the network there is set on the LAN side on the pfsense ?

    What i need is to have some clients connect to the main net, and some clients connect to an isolated net for special stuff on the net and they need to use seperated ports for connection, like main nets connect to port 1194 and other clients connect on port 1294, as mentioed above the connection i can establish it is the connection after the connection and the clients are logged on i need to figure out.

    Maybe the picture is better to show it

  • I am sorry to bump this, but i reely need some help here or maybe some directions i can check of fix. but guess none have thought in this.

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