Captured Portal with no WAN connection

  • How would it be possible to set up a captive portal with no wan connection to resolve DNS? Essentially I want the user to hit my captive portal page even if my server is not connected to the internet. The user never has to see a site that is not my captive portal.

    Thanks in advance.

  • yes, the redirect would just fail, user would get an error.
    to combat the error page, set the redirect page to a page on the fw, the page would be something uploaded in file manager.

  • I am sorry, I do not seem to understand.

    Are you saying that I should add a redirect page that points to say http://localIpaddress/index.htm ? Then I should uplooad my index.htm file?

  • for the redirect address it would be localipaddress/captiveportal-file.html

    all files in the file manager start with captiveportal-

  • My settings are as follows under the captures portal.

    However I get the page can not be found in the client browser with no redirection to the captive portal.

    In essence what I need is a LAN only captive portal.

  • it should be since your captive portal lighttpd is running on 8000 if its not https.

  • Can someone validate this solutions as it does not seem to be working for me. Client keeps getting the "not found" errors on thier browser when there is no real DNS to lookup to. If I plug in my wan I get a captive portal if I disconnect my wan I get the "no found" errors.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • thats right you are not using a wan link. you may have to fake it then

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