Bringing vpnc config into pfsense

  • I'm kinda resurrecting an old thread about vpnc and NAT (which has since been closed).

    I was able to install vpnc:

    pkg_add -r vpnc

    (for those curious - it took me a while to figure this out, since I'm more linux than freebsd)

    and after putting my config in /usr/local/etc/vpnc.conf, I am able to establish a connection - this creates a ton of new routes and brings up interface "tun0" - remote VPN hosts are pingable (!!!yes!!!)

    Now… what do I do to let my LAN hosts talk to through tunnel created at tun0?

    The moment I assign an interface to tun0 in pfsense, I can no longer ping anything on the VPN side from the router.  Am I missing rules?

  • what, so now that there are paid support services, nobody can seem to help out on this forum any more?

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