Captive Portal Inconsistent Login Screen

  • I have wiped out and set up PFSense several times, using default settings, and my captive portal appearance is very inconsistent.  Most people see it, but some computers just can't see it, and I eventually have to add passthroughs for their mac addresses.

    I'm wondering if there is something in the system to protect it against brute force, and perhaps the computers that don't get the login page are being blocked for having tried invalid credentials a certain number of times.  I've tried rebooting them, renewing and releasing, flushing their dns info, power cycling the routers, etc.  There has been a disproportionate number of macs in this mix… but I've tried using firefox as well as safari on them, and no joy.

    One thing that I've noticed, though, a couple of the PCs that could NOT "see" the captive portal page were finally able to after I ignored them for a couple of days.

    Is there some kind of undocumented timeout to block brute force that is doing this?

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