Xbox 360 and dual wan? (w/diagram)

  • Alright, I've tried many of combination's and nothing has seemed to work for me. I have included a diagram of my setup to give a better idea.

    I'm trying to stream to my Xbox 360 from my Main PC with PS3 Media Server. I've also tried to hook my 360 straight to pfSense with no luck. The WRT54GS is used to change my subnet mask on the modem so I can do dual wan. If anyone can help at all I'd be greatly appreciative. I have read these forums and googled for about 2 days now.

    Thanks again for any help.

  • To follow up - I have solved this by simply putting another wrt54gs after pfsense on lan. Hooked the 360 to that and voila.

    lan -
    wrt54gs on lan is set to still with auto dhcp and dhcp server on in dd-wrt.
    wan - dhcp
    opt1 - - to change modem sub net mask

    thanks everyone  ::)

  • That's the correct way. Anything on the lan should be before the firewall.

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