Firewall question

  • The following is more informational than troubleshooting.

    i have a dreambox connected to a switch and then to a pfsense firewall and i have rules in LAN section on order for it to be able to communicate with servers (specific source at specific target on specific port) and a rule to my isps dns in order to be able to resolve those servers.
    what troubles me is that when i disable the rules by pressing the green play button next to the rule, dreambox still works until i shut it down unplug the ethernet cable from the switch replug it back in and switch on the dreambox. Switching dreambox on and off still work except i unplug and replug the ethernet cable.

    Does this have to do with statefull firewalling or it wasnt suppose to happen?


  • did you click apply changes?

  • changing any rules will not affect existing states.  you can go to the diagnostics page and in the states menu, click on reset states (or as you did, just restart the server using that rule.)