Idle Timeout not working properly

  • Hi,

    we have set up a Captive Portal system with radius authentication. The radius set also the idle timeout to 30 minutes.
    Many users have noted that disconnection were applied after only 5-10 minutes of inactivity (let me say it was quite random).

    We have read the code on /etc/inc/ and on the function captiveportal_prune_old() in  periodic RADIUS reauthentication
    the timestamp of ipfw are canceled with: exec("/sbin/ipfw zero {$cpdb[$i][1]}");
    This timestamp is used to calculate the idle-timeout for every users with the difference between rule-timestamp and current time. If the timestamp is zero is used the login timestamp so, after the first 30 minutes of connection, the users were disconnected only after 5 minutes of inactivity.

    Now we have commented out this line and everything is  working fine, and the idle-timeout now is always 30 minutes.

    I would like to know why there is this line in the code?  ???


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